An innovative web traffic management solution : Steerfox

Contemporary small to medium enterprises could be forgiven for feeling perplexed when wondering how to make the most of e-commerce. Entrepreneurs, managers and directors of SMEs have, in many cases, identified that they need greater technical knowledge.
However, in the drive for greater success, the learning curve required and the time needed for online traffic management and pay per click advertising can make onerous demands in the busy working day. Simply setting up and maintaining a social network presence on an hourly, daily and ongoing basis can be quite time-consuming in itself, let alone the detailed and technical web skills required for product promotion, prospect management and marketing campaigns. The latter usually present sufficient challenges to necessitate dedicated contract staff or consultants.


Nonetheless, as customers use online searches increasingly, it is essential to be seen in all the right places – namely, search results. An effective online presence and digital marketing strategy are as important to small and medium enterprises as they are to larger ones, yet consultancy costs (as a proportion of turnover) can be painfully higher for more modest enterprises. So, what answers are there?

Steerfox is an innovative web traffic management company that offers a competitive service to attract more clicks and customers. Offering greater exposure through an effective and targeted web presence, this French and English interface will even manage your accounts with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest if required. Maintaining profitability is key to business success but until now, conventional agencies have levied high fees for this type of service.

Graphs of financial analysis

Offering a fresh approach, Steerfox allows organisations themselves to set the budget. Steerfox then requires little more than a copy of the current product catalogue to really get started, claiming that they offer the best and simplest traffic solution on the market. Certainly, companies can then free up time in order to concentrate on the core business they do best, while powerful Steerfox robots and human experts work away on everything a present-day marketing department would expect. Services include competitor analysis, online ad placement as well as automatic updates as product inventory changes and the removal of obsolete advertisements. An ongoing daily analysis assures business clients of a good return on their investment, as Steerforce’s certified experts and Google partners monitor and adjust progress.

All in all, this new traffic management package offers superb value at an almost unbeatable price for the level of service received.