ReportLinker Review : Availing Industry Reports to Online Users

ReportLinker Review : Availing Industry Reports to Online Users

Information is a key element when conducting any business. People say knowledge is power because it truly is. Having the right information provides a foundation for informed decision-making. ReportLinker is one application that is doing exactly that; providing information. It is a search engine with an assemblage of reports from all sorts of industries. Think of it as Google or Bing but with specific reports for industry players. There are a few aspects of ReportLinker that give it the ability to provide various services to clients across the globe. Users have to subscribe to access various reports.

A Broad Spectrum of Industries

One aspect that makes ReportLinker a viable solution when searching for industry reports is the vastness of the covered fields. There are a lot of businesses that people engage in, and all of them have different dynamics. To understand the ongoings in a particular industry, the right data material will come in handy. ReportLinker does not have restrictions on the types of industries; from digital marketing to HVAC markets to investment. You just have to know what kind of report you are looking for and search for it. This feature of ReportLinker opens doors or a lot of people to find what they need.

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Simplified Searches

Online search engines have become useful tools when people need to find something. It is convenient when you can just go online and find what you are looking for. However, there is endless information online, and some of it is of no use to you. It is always a dilemma when you need to find specific reports, and you don’t know where to start looking. ReportLinker has made things simpler with its compilation of reports. ReportLinker uses semantic technology to mine data from the web and make it accessible to online USERS.

Refined searches are what ReportLinker provides to its users. It gets rid of the useless information and provides users with what matters. The benefit of having streamlined searches is that it saves users time. When you have one search engine that has all sorts of industry reports, all you have to do is look for a specific one. You wouldn’t have to worry about sorting through thousands of other reports. Information experts understand just how important it is to have an application that gives access to relevant information. The search engine provides filters, which make it easier to get what you need.

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Sharing Information

It is also possible to share search results on social media. When writing a review or a blog, for instance, on a particular market, it always helps to give credible information. Sharing reports from ReportLinker is one way to do that. Companies can also use the information to provide their online users with pertinent data. ReportLinker also allows users to get alerts that correspond to their searches. If any new information comes up, then a user will know about it.

Public Reports

When searching for industry reports, most search engines will provide private reports to users. ReportLinker, on the other hand, has public reports available as well. Conducting proper research into any industry requires an evaluation of all aspects. As much as private reports provide useful insight, public reports have their part to play. A number of the items that you may find in a public report may miss in a private one. Having access to both is a chance to arm yourself with all the relevant information out there.

Credible Sources

The sources of the reports are varied. ReportLinker does not use limited resources to put together the reports that users have access to. The reports’ supplies are very reliable, which make it safe to use the data. Trusting a report is easier when you know its source. Reports from industry experts will also be more credible than reviews online. ReportLinker has more than 200,000 sources for the reports such as embassies, trade unions, governments, private publishers, national statistics agencies, newspapers and investment firms. A report is only as valid as its source.


Updated Content

Fresh content is always a concern when looking for reports on various markets. If you are an information expert, one thing you cannot afford is to provide clients with outdated information. Old data can lead to a domino effect, which starts with misinformed decisions. ReportLinker crawls the deep web regularly to ensure that users get fresh reports. If there are any new statistics in a certain industry, then the search engine will include them in its report.

Company Reviews

Company profiles and reviews are particularly fundamental when looking to do business. Before you make a decision to invest in a particular company, one thing you must do is get all the information about it. ReportLinker has an editorial team that puts together profiles of different companies. There are research and development experts on the team that analyses companies on all bases. Finding unbiased reviews is not always easy but with sources like the United Nations Statistics Division, users are sure about the credibility of ReportLinker.

User Interface

When doing searches online, one thing that will never escape users is the interface of an individual engine. The navigation through a site will determine the experience that users have. Even if a site has the best information but makes it hard to access it, users will likely go somewhere else. ReportLinker has made it site easily accessible and the navigation very simple. The site provides keywords that make it less complicated for users to find what they need. With advanced search options, users can get any types of reports they need in a matter of minutes.


ReportLinker provides relevant industry information that users can access anytime they want. There are datasets such as market shares, forecasts and production data. The website has the greatest online collection of reports on companies, industries and countries. Users can get access to over 24 million actionable statistics from thousands of trusted sources. If you are looking for specific industry information, then this site will provide it.

The site is suitable for researchers that are always out for information. Besides getting access to public reports, there are also premium services for private reports. Users have to subscribe to get the services. ReportLinker also provides news articles on various industries.