the perfect cure for frustrated CRM users is an alternative to conventional customer relationship management (CRM) software on the market. It was launched in November 2013, is now present in over 80 countries and is available in 6 languages. The product features a high amount of automation, low data input and a highly efficient tracing and scheduling of sales leads. Consumers are astonished at the improvements in efficiency and productivity after using the program.

Some of the common problems reported by CRM users includes;

  • difficult software that requires hours of data input by sales people
  • high rates of human error due to poor training and rushed schedules
  • low rates of automation
  • CRM software more in line with the goals of marketing teams
  • low productivity and efficiency because of the time required to learn the software and enter information

Some of the benefits of using includes;

  • automatic capturing and logging of CRM data while sales reps go about their daily selling activities
  • leads have a status attached to them which are synchronized with a calendar. This cuts down in the scheduling and tracking of leads manually
  • less entry of client data such as phone calls, emails and meetings. Client information can be entered by scanning business card, using forward email or contact forms connected to the platform has met its objective of becoming a market leader in the “anti” CRM movement. Sales people are reporting greater productivity, efficiency and all round profits as a result of the new program. Marketing based CRM‘s are a thing of the past for sales people and is the answer to a number of sales management issues.