Can’t Get You Out of My Mind, Crepe!

University seniors the world over, upon graduation, find themselves backpacking around Europe, traipsing through many countries, hiking gorgeous trails, discovering new cultures and peoples, sampling a cornucopia of delicious foods, and basically taking in the world with bright eyes while they still have free time before entering the severe, and dare I say, grim realities of work life. I was no exception. I meandered throughout Europe for several months and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It was incredible meeting so many different people, with various points of view, habits and even comportment, and it was equally phenomenal to discover their histories, art and ideas. However, probably what stuck with me the longest and perhaps the most was coming across new flavors.

When you’re young, even the simplest of dishes can have a significant impact on your life. This happened with me and my love affair with crepes. I was happily wandering around « The City of Light » also more commonly known as Paris, when I came across a crepe stand. « How can I help you? » the vendor asks me. I said, « I have no idea; I’ve never eaten crepes before. What can you recommend? » The vendor says, « No problem, trust me! » He then prepared a flour crepe for me and proceeded to fill it with ham, cheese, and much to my surprise, an egg! He wrapped it up carefully, handing it to me as if holding an open-side burrito. I paid an equivalent of about three bucks and was on my way to walk along the Seine River.

A few bites into my crepe and I was hooked. I became an immediate addict! It was practically a religious experience and I vowed to somehow include crepes in my future life. Fast-forward many years later, and you’ll find me setting up my own crepe food cart in Portland, Oregon. What was my first purchase? Searching for the best equipment that would give me minimal problems, I got my hands on a Krampouz Crepe Maker, a commercial grill that helps me make perfect crepes and galettes, both savory and sweet. Lucky for me, Portandians are also in love with crepes, so business has been booming for years now. Not surprisingly, my bestseller is a typical Parisian crepe with ham, gruyere cheese and a sunny side up egg.

So, the next time you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest, head over to Portland, Oregon and look for my crepe stand called, “That’s a Load of Crepe!”