Applying for a provisional driving licence – how to go about it

Applying for a provisional driving licence – how to go about it

Where do I go to get my provisional driving licence?

Applying for a provisional driving licence couldn’t be easier, thanks to the Driver and vehicle Licensing agency’s (DVLA) online application forum.
Firstly, you need a government gateway ID to make the application and if you don’t possess one you need to re-register with the DVLA or a dvla change of address on driving licence in case you moved. The application process is simple and straightforward and because you don’t have to leave your home, it gets done in double quick time, plus you’ll receive ID as an automatic part of the process. For those who don’t have internet access, you can still apply through regular mail or pick up a form from your local car tax issuing branch or post office. Postal applications can take up to three weeks to be processed so the online application is much faster.

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How old do I have to be to make an application?

A provisional driving licence permits you to drive a moped, motorbike or car. If you want to drive a car you need to be seventeen years of age. There is only one exception to this ruling; you may drive a vehicle when you are sixteen years of age if you have qualified (or applied) for the high rate of the mobility aspect of the Personal Independence Payment (aka PIP). If you want to ride a moped or quad bike the age requirement is sixteen. However, you can apply for your provisional driving licence when you are fifteen years and nine months old, so it can be processed in time for your coming of age.

What are the basic requirements that I have to meet?

There is a set criteria which you must fulfil in order to apply for a provisional driving licence.

  • You must reside in the UK. If you happen to live in Northern Ireland there is a different set of regulations in place so check them out.
  • You must fall into the minimum age bracket specified.
  • Your eyesight must meet a standard requirement.
  • You mustn’t have any relevant reason that might exclude you from driving.
  • In order to apply online, you need a registered debit or credit card to pay the £43 fee.
  • A valid UK passport or other similar photographic ID is essential.
  • You need a National Insurance Number.
  • You must be able to supply valid living addresses for the previous three years to the date of your application.

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